Privacy Policy

At eMinds we guard your Privacy as our top most priority.

We keep updating our Privacy Policy to ensure that your Privacy is a matter of utmost importance to us. And, to this effect, we keep communicating with you the modifications we incorporate in our policies for your welfare, from time to time.
This Privacy Policy that you are going to read is completely owned by eMinds.


About eMinds’ Policy


eMinds’ Policy revolves around the Privacy of the customer with matters relating to handling of Personal Information. The personal information that we are referring to is the information encompassed by the privacy act and doesn’t go beyond the stipulations stated by it. We request our Clients to note this.
Personal information that eMinds Collects


  • Names, job titles, contact and address details
  • Information in identification documents (passport, driver’s license or any other related document)
  • Tax file numbers and other government-issued identification numbers
  • Date of birth and gender
  • Bank account details, shareholdings and details of investments
  • Details of superannuation and insurance arrangements
  • Educational qualifications, proof of work experience and previous salary slips
  • Visa or work permit status
  • Personal information about your wife/husband and other dependents.


In case, our hiring requirement involves collecting certain sensitive information from you then eMinds exercises complete discretion in doing so and requests the Clients to abide by.


We archive your personal information using utmost security measures and besides this we also store the information in Electronic Format. We exercise document retention policies in lieu of any upcoming assignment.
Rest assured that eMinds never shares your personal information with Third Parties. We may nevertheless send a generalized curriculum vitae withholding your name and other details, so that we may help you reach out to that specific.


Job Requirement.


For overseas staff there might be a need for disclosure of information owing to immigration and other employment policies etc.  We might in such cases share your information with authentic contractors and travel agents and such related personnel to make your professional journey smooth.
eMinds also expects from service providers to abide by our Privacy guidelines and never disclose private information of our employees for any unauthorized purposes. Such behavior would herald severe penalties and legal consequences.