It is solely your discretion to have subscribed to eMinds’ services. There wasn’t any intervention, force or third party interference in this. eMinds doesn’t guarantee you any kind of employment against all odds. We have not gotten into any kind of collaborative compulsion like that. We want our Clients and Employees to take a special note of this. To this effect, we haven’t made any such proclamations, neither orally nor in any written format.

Whatever is stated in the Offer Letter alone has to be taken in the right earnest and acted upon.  In no situation will eMinds be held responsible for the unforeseen discrepancies caused or created by the Third Party. We are also not accountable for the physical damages that occurred during your professional intervention (term of employment) with the Third Party.

We are also not responsible for the damages caused by your personal usage of websites or affiliate websites including Cyber crime of any nature such as spamming, hacking, identity theft, virus attack or any other such criminal activity. 

eMinds is not liable for any kind of breach of Contract of the employee with the employer; this includes matters related to negligence too. We shall however, suggest remedial measures and counsel the negligent employee that s/he has definitely failed to understand the fundamental objective of associating with the kind of service we are providing.